Principal’s Message


26 Sep 2017


45thAnniversary Opening Ceremony

Principal’s Address


        It gives me great pleasure to launch the opening of the 45th anniversary. To celebrate this momentous occasion, there is a series of celebration activities. Let me introduce them to you one by one.

       The 45th anniversary slogan, logo and banner competitions were held at the end of the last school year and you could see the winning designs on the spectacular banner hanging above the playground. In the coming March, there will be a school fair where you can create innovative stalls and have lots of fun. The short video competition held in the same month will surely unleash your acting, filming and editing potentials. In April, come and join the 3-day Hoi Ping Study Tour to explore the history and special features of the birthplace of our school founders. For the alumni, the anniversary dinner in May would surely be a heartwarming reunion that they have been longing for. For those who would like to train themselves to be eloquent speakers, the inter-school English debate competition held throughout the year would sharpen your persuasion skills. The climax of the celebration activities will definitely be the variety show which will be held in July. Not only students but also teachers and alumni can showcase their performing arts talents in this captivating finale. And then as an epilogue, you will see the birth of our anniversary magazine in December 2018 where our brilliant student reporters record all our fond memories in this treasure book.

       We can rejoice and celebrate the 45 years of accomplishments because of the seeds sowed by our predecessors. It is now the best time for us to acquaint ourselves with some of the history and background of our school and be grateful for the solid foundations the former principals, teachers and staff laid for us! When the school was founded in 1973, there were only 9 classes and 11 teachers! The new wing is called Lee Quo Wei Building. Who is Dr. Lee? He is the founding supervisor of our school. Besides, he was the former chairman of Hang Seng Bank and a former member of the legislative council and executive council. So with such a prominent figure as one of the founders and the first supervisor, you can see why our school can develop so well! Moreover, the main colour of our school building is grey. The founders chose this colour as a symbol of modesty. I am glad to see that our students possess this virtue. And I do hope that students will be grateful to all that we have at school. From a humble beginning where facilities were minimal, our school is now well equipped for quality education. Recently, we’ve got a new Hoi Ping Online and eLearning Resource Room. In addition, apart from computers and visualisers installed in all classrooms, there are also tablets and notebooks available for use in the lessons.

       For 45 years, the school has been providing diverse learning platforms for students’ whole-person development. I am proud to say that our students have adhered faithfully to the school motto ‘Morality, Wisdom, Health and Diligence’. With the concerted efforts of the school managers, teachers, parents, alumni and students, our school has grown into one of the most prestigious schools in Hong Kong with remarkable achievements both in academic pursuits and extra-curricular activities.

       Finally, though we take pride in our achievements, let us not to fall into complacency. Cherish our magnificent school traditions and reach out for new summits! Thank you!