e-Learning & STEM

Aims of e-learning

  • To enhance learning and teaching effectiveness by encouraging students to make good use of e-learning resources
  • To enhance the use of IT environment by providing mobile devices and e-platform (such as Google Classroom)
  • To encourage students to apply IT skills to investigate, present, build and share knowledge 
  • To develop students' creativity, collaboration skills, problem-solving skills and self-learning skills by making learning videos for flipped classroom in junior computer literacy curriculum


Ways to enhance e-learning in our school

  • iPads are available for use in the lessons.
  • Teachers attend professional training workshops on e-learning.
  • e-Platform (Google Classroom) is used as flipped classrooms.
  • Students have been taught how to create learning videos in computer literacy lessons.



Aims of STEM education

  • To develop students' understanding and enhance their interests in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for further studies and careers in meeting the changes and challenges in the world
  • To strengthen students' ability to integrate and apply related knowledge and skills through participating in different activities and competitions
  • To nurture students' innovation, collaboration and problem-solving skills in competitions. It also helps them build up entrepreneurial spirit.


Ways to cultivate a STEM spirit in our school

  • Students have been participating in different STEM competitions. 
  • Robotic programming and robotic tasks are introduced in the computer literacy lessons.
  • Different talks about STEM have been given so that students can know more about STEM.
  • Some elite classes such as elite IT programming classes are given to students.


STEM achievement

        In response to the STEM education advocated by the Education Bureau, our school has been sparing no pain to promote all-round development in the corresponding subjects. New STEM equipment, namely, 3D printers and robots, are set up to enrich students’ learning experience. Our students are also encouraged to actively partake in different competitions and activities to apply and showcase their STEM knowledge. This year, our school’s junior students have won the Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2017 with the invention project ‘OctoPLUS Wallet’; a group of students in our school has also led the competition ‘STEM in mBot’ for the second year running (1st runner up in 2016 as well as 2nd runner up in 2017); four of our students, meanwhile, are awarded 2nd runner up in GreenMech Contest 2017. These award-winning STEM projects are deemed significant on our path to successful STEM education.